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A Few Extracts.

‘’This book is written for young engineers and experienced professionals. It appears to be the only comprehensive book on ammonium nitrate published in recent times covering all operational aspects, with a focus on safety. As a portion of our readership consults or possibly works in this industry, I feel that it is important that they be aware of this resource.’’


Professor Ronald J. Willey, Process Safety Progress. 2024;1, American Institute of Chemical Engineers.


“The author is an internationally leading authority on ammonium nitrate safety issues and has provided in this book a complete review of ammonium nitrate technology ranging from its physico-chemical properties and determination of these, manufacturing, storage, transport and application issues and an accident history. The book concludes with sections on consequence analysis and emergency planning. This text will be of considerable interest to the fertilizer and civil explosive community, to institutions involved in the safety of hazardous chemicals as well as to legislators and planning authorities. It will also be an invaluable contribution to science and engineering technical libraries.


Professor Dr. Martin Braithwaite, Visiting Scholar, University of Cambridge.


"Kishore (Kish) Shah has acquired wide knowledge and deep understanding of the safety, health, environmental and regulatory aspects of our industry, with a focus on ammonium nitrate-based products."

"Fertilizers Europe welcomes the publication of this book and believes that it will serve as a very good reference and practical book for young engineers as well as seasoned practitioners in the field."


Fertilizers Europe, Industry association in the European Union.


“There is a considerable amount of literature on ammonium nitrate hazards and safety, but as far as I am aware there has been no attempt prior to this to draw all of this together into one publication. This book serves as a comprehensive overview of AN manufacture, handling and especially safety and would be a useful primer for anyone working in the industry as well as a reference for those seeking pointers to where more information can be found.” 


Nitrogen + Syngas, July/August 2023 issue.

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