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About The Book

This book provides an up-to-date and comprehensive review of ammonium nitrate technology ranging from its physico-chemical properties, range of main products based on ammonium nitrate, manufacturing processes with their safety aspects, safety assessment of materials of construction, storage methods with good safety practices, transport and application issues. The book also covers the relevant regulatory instruments, various test methods used by the industry and regulatory bodies, consequence analysis and emergency planning. It presents an accident history with a classification of the accidents into various types, identifying main points of interest and learning points. It provides the historical background to many of the developments and major changes that took place in the industry.

  • In hardback

  • 29 chapters - see list below

  • 312 pages

  • 42 figures

  • 34 tables

  • 234 references


Cost: £80 + P&P (the amount depends on the country of delivery)



  1. Overview

  2. Development of uses of ammonium nitrate

  3. Major events, investigations and their impact

  4. Properties of ammonium nitrate

  5. Fire hazard

  6. Decomposition hazard

  7. Explosion hazard

  8. Ammonium nitrate and urea

  9. Ammonium sulphate nitrate

  10. Calcium ammonium nitrate

  11. Compound fertilizer based on ammonium nitrate

  12. Materials of construction

  13. Production

  14. Safety in production and maintenance

  15. Blended fertilizer

  16. Off-spec and reject fertilizer materials

  17. Storage of solid fertilizer

  18. Hot ammonium nitrate solution

  19. Liquid fertilizer

  20. Controlled and slow-release fertilizer

  21. Application of explosive properties

  22. Transportation

  23. Security

  24. Consequence analysis

  25. Emergency plans

  26. Essential management practices

  27. Test methods

  28. Regulatory instruments

  29. History of accidents




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